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Terms and Conditions

We undertake to do the best job possible for ourb customers for a fixed price. That is our commitment to you. Of course, like many businesses there is some ‘small print’ so here it is.

Wait list time frames

Our wait times are Seasonal, we always recommend getting your Fireplace Installed during the Summer to avoid long waits.

Things that can delay your Installation can be your permit, this takes up to 20 working days in council and we may have a back log for submitting them to council prior. There may also be delays with stock, we will let you know if there is a significant delay that may cause a larger wait time than estimated above. We also work oldest to newest, no cutting the line!

Flaming Fires also take no responsibility for delayed installs due to freight damage or inclement weather.

  • Summer

    4 - 6 Weeks +

  • Autumn

    5 - 8 Weeks +

  • Winter

    8 - 12 Weeks +

  • Spring

    5 - 8 Weeks +

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- We operate a ‘fixed’ pricing scheme for a straight forward Quote.

- We rely on you to tell us what we are Quoting – the price will be quoted to you based on that information given. If you have failed to tell us in advance any details, we will Quote for what we recommend in your situation.

- In the event that you would like your Quote changed that requires a second visit you will be charge for a Site visit fee.

- We do not install second hand or used Fireplaces due to warranty issues.


- Payment for all material goods is required prior to processing any Quote unless you are provided a Grant then you will need to pay the entire amount Quoted.

- Once all works are complete you will be invoiced for the remaining balance.

- Various payment options are offered.

- You may pay by cash.

- You may not pay by cheque

- If you wish us to provide an invoice, payment will be required within 7 days. Payments not settled within days may attract a charge interest at 2.5% per fortnight.

- All goods remain property of the company until invoices are paid in full.

- On all credit card transactions there is a 2% surcharge.

Building consent process

A Building Consent application is required for all solid fuel heaters installed; this process is as follows.

1. You as the customer are required to sign the relevant consent form for Flaming Fires to apply for a building consent as your agent, this will be emailed to you for you to sign and return to us, the signed name must be the same as on the record of title, both/all owners must sign and Trustees of the trust must sign their name as trustee – i.e., “Joe Bloggs as Trustee of ABC Trust"

2. You as the customer are required to provide a floor plan of the building and any building joined showing, this must include the fire location, all Smoke alarms and full layout including bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, dining, living and any additional rooms as well as the measurements of all of these. An example Floor plan can be supplied if requested.

3. Once Flaming Fires has received all relevant paperwork, information and payment we will start the process with the application for Certificate of title (Certificate of title can take 2 working days to obtain). And then proceed with the Permit.
- All building consents are lodged with Council on Wednesday 12noon and Friday 3pm. If the required information has not been made available to Flaming Fires this will be lodged on the next lodgement day, this also applies to public Holidays.
- Processing of Building Consents with Council will take “20 working days” this time bracket is set out by Council and is at their discretion. Flaming Fires have no control over application time with Council and we must obtain consent prior to installation of a solid fuel heater.

4. Flaming Fires in the case of an insert fire if required will book the cavity inspection. This is organised to align with the installation of your solid fuel heater.

5. After installation of your solid fuel heater and the payment obligations have been met, we will release your building consent pack including all required documents.

6. At this point Flaming Fires have completed their application and processing of building consent. You as the customer must read the cover letter provided in the consent pack and book a final inspection of your solid fuel heater (if applicable, some Councils do not require inspections)

- Customers must provide working smoke alarms on site which we will install. If working smoke alarms are not provided, we reserve the right to supply and install the required smoke alarms at $2 per alarm. 
- New builds are at customer/building company's care.
- You as the customer must complete this action within 2 working days.
- If this is not completed accordingly and the Council are to make any changes to rules or standard requirement Flaming Fires will take no responsibility for any additional works that maybe required and will be charged accordingly. Flaming Fires will also take no responsibility for any prior works not carried out by Flaming Fires that may not be to the required Standard of works resulting in failure to obtain final sign off of the consent. Any extra council processing charges are the responsibility of the customer.
- We will take longer submitting and processing permits depending on the season, refer to our estimated seasonal wait time.


- The arranged appointment time is to be considered as an estimate of the arrival time to within 3 minutes. Problems with preceding jobs and traffic conditions will have an effect on arrival time. We will phone the customer if the arrival time is likely to be more than 30 minutes after the arranged time. If this inconveniences the customer then the appointment time can be re-arranged.

- We require safe and legal parking and access. On arranging the appointment, the customer is to confirm the situation and advise us accordingly. In situations where Flaming Fires has to pay for parking, the parking fee will be charged to the customer. If on arrival at the property we are unable to park safely or legally, or at a sensible distance from the property, then we have the right to cancel the appointment and the customer will be liable for a call out charge. Please ensure that we have adequate access to the appliance carry out the work.


We understand that our customers have busy lives too. If you have to change or cancel an appointment please give as much notice as possible. We have allocated time in our day specifically for you and late notice cancellation may mean we cannot rebook. We may have turned away other customers if we have a full day.
- If the customer wishes to cancel or re-arrange the appointment then this should be done as soon as possible. If we arrive at the address for a previously agreed appointment, and are not required, or the customer is not present, or we cannot complete the work through no fault of ours the customer will be liable for a call out charge. If the customer is excessively late for the previously agreed appointment, a call out fee will be charged.
- Should our Technicians turn up and be unable to carry the Quote/Installation out then we reserve the right to charge the full price of the intended booking.

If for some reason you would like to cancel your Fireplace Installation, Flaming Fires reserve the right to charge a restocking fee if the goods are received in store, this amount can equal the amount charged to Flaming fires by our supplier. You building consent Fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.

Potential problems/ warranty

- The customer is to supply power for the work required, this will be mainly for the vacuum. If on arrival at the property, no power supply is available, the work may continue if able.

- Flaming Fires will take all measures to adequately protect the property from dirt, soot and equipment. Fireplaces will be completely covered. All walkways will be sheeted.

- If in the unlikely case that a problem occurs after your Fireplace Installation is complete, you have 48 hours to contact Flaming Fires with the complaint. Under the Consumers guarantee act we have a right to investigate the complaint and will attend within 48 hours of this to review the incident and either rectify the problem or advise otherwise. If the issue is not caused by Flaming Fires, the customer will be liable for a call out charge.

- Annual Maintenance is a requirement for both warranty and insurance purposes to ensure that your fire is at a safe and operational standard, to be a part of our Annual Recall list sign up HERE: If you have signed up to this but have been contacted, please make contact with Flaming Fires for a booking.

- As all warranty terms differ, please ensure you read your operations and warranty manual provided with the installation of your fire. If you do not receive this, please contact the team at Flaming Fires IMMEDIATELY.

- Your firebox cover is subject to proof of annual inspection and servicing by a suitably qualified fire technician – If an issue occurs after a sweep and not reported within 48 hours Flaming Fires may not be held responsible.

- Any damage caused by mishandling, misuse, abuse or alteration by the owner is not covered by this warranty, this also excludes normal wear and tear.

- You may be Quoted the following optional extras; you have the option to remove them however some council require them to be installed:
- Stays (extra strength in liner reducing rattles and squeaks that may occur)
- Casing cover extension (Reduces the chance of capillary retraction)
- Bird mesh (Reduces the chance of birds entering the Flue system)

- Your new solid fuel heater may make some unusual noises that are often part and parcel of owning a solid fuel heater, these are in most cases expansion and contraction of the fire heating and cooling. These noises are normal and often cannot be changed.

- Your new solid fuel heater may experience wind noise issues in certain areas, this is unfortunately unable to be determined prior to installation and on most cases, this can be resolved.

- If your fire experiences smoke blowing back into your house this is in most cases a sign of negative or low air pressure in your home with higher air pressure outside of your home. This can in some cases be reduced.

- Flaming Fires take no responsibility for these potential issues with the surrounds of the solid fuel heater causing the appliance to fault. Remedy costs will apply to attempt to resolve these issues. 

Health and Safety

We will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of the customer and occupants at the property. The customer must act on Flaming Fires advice with regards to health and safety while the work is in progress. Failure to act may result in termination of the work with full payment to be made. The customer is to ensure that the working area is safe and hygienic for us to enter. If we find the property dangerous to enter, the work will not proceed and the customer will be liable for a call out charge.

Working at heights is a Job and weather dependant activity. Flaming Fires has the right to cancel an appointment for work that involves ascending ladders or the use of mobile access equipment if it is judged to compromise safety. If equipment has been hired for the work, the customer will be liable for the cost. No other additional charge will be made for our time and the appointment will be re arranged.