Fireplace Installation

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Terms and Conditions

We undertake to do the best job possible for ourb customers for a fixed price. That is our commitment to you. Of course, like many businesses there is some ‘small print’ so here it is.

Installation time frames

Our wait times are Seasonal, we always recommend getting your Fireplace Installed during the Summer to avoid long waits.

Things that can delay your Installation can be your permit, this takes up to 20 working days in council and we may have a back log for submitting them to council prior. There may also be delays with stock, we will let you know if there is a significant delay that may cause a larger wait time than estimated above. We also work oldest to newest, no cutting the line!

Flaming Fires also take no responsibility for delayed installs due to freight damage or inclement weather.

  • Summer

    4 - 6 Weeks +

  • Autumn

    5 - 8 Weeks +

  • Winter

    8 - 12 Weeks +

  • Spring

    5 - 8 Weeks +

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