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Outdoor 1200

Outdoor 1200

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The Outdoor 1200 (fireplace only) without the full Braai cooking kit and accessories. Suitable for installation onto a non combustible plinth or base to your desired design. Also features all the necessary fixing points for the full Braai cooking kit and accessories if you wish to upgrade at a later date.

Outdoor 1200 fireplace only options:
• Freestanding fireplace for bespoke in-situ settings (base is customer care)
• Freestanding fireplace on the trolley base
• Insert fireplace option (masonry structure works not included)

This model includes:
• Outdoor 1200 firebox and gather
• Stainless steel door / cover
• Stainless steel freestanding flue system
• Ember tool and pair of outdoor fire mittsnes).

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